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Here is my submission for the Game Jam. I was with a team but they chose to bow out roughly two days before the Game Jam was over. This left me with TWO DAYS to create an entirely new game from scratch. All assets are owned by me except for the one explosion effect which I got from the Unreal Starter Content. 3D assets were made using Blender. Sounds were recorded with Audacity. Textures created through Krita. Game was made using the Unreal Engine.

Overall this was a great experience for me to learn how to create a game and to work with a team. Even if said team bowed out it was a good learning experience on how to keep going and not let anything stop me from completing my goal. Which was simply to create a game to get some exposure in the Game Design Industry.

I hope you guys enjoy this game!


TheLastHope_PackagedGame.zip 403 MB

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